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BEST of LUCK to the Rocket Lab team this week!!!

BEST of LUCK to the Rocket Lab team this week.....A never-seen-before aerial operation is underway as spacecraft manufacturing firm Rocket Lab will try to catch a rocket booster with a helicopter. This task, which requires high precision, would be executed under the mission named "There and Back Again", which is scheduled to liftoff no earlier than April 19. Though, 4/22 looks like the more likely date. Under the mission, Rocket Lab's electron rocket would lift off from Pad A at Launch Complex 1 on New Zealand’s Māhia Peninsula to deliver 34 satellites into space for various commercial customers.

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4/8 - Rocket Lab - Click "continue reading" to see full list.

NEWS SpaceX first private charter launches 3 visitors to space station for $80m each - NZ Herald NZ Herald It's SpaceX's first private charter flight to the orbiting lab after two years of ... They're paying $80 million apiece for the rocket ride and ... Astronomers detect galactic 'space laser' five billion light years away | Daily Mail Online Daily Mail ... Rocket Lab plans to catch an Electron rocket with a giant helicopter as it returns from putting satellites in space · Astronomers discover the ... SpaceX and NASA Send Four Private Astronauts to Space Station - YouTube YouTube A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying four private astronauts lifted off at 11:17 a.m. Eastern time from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. ESA Books Ride for Sentinel-1C Satellite on Vega-C...

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NEWS Watch Rocket Lab send a pair of BlackSky satellites to space | TechCrunch TechCrunch Rocket Lab will embark on its 25th mission using the Electron rocket on Friday, this time to send two Earth imaging spacecraft to orbit for ... Rocket Lab, SpaceX missions launched Friday: Watch them live - TechNewsInsight TechNewsInsight a rocket lab The Electron vehicle is scheduled to roll out two Earth observation satellites of the US company BlackSky Friday at 8:35 a.m. EDT (1235 ... Rocket Lab on Twitter: "Our solar panels are getting ready to power @NASA's Psyche spacecraft ... - Full Coverage Rocket Lab, SpaceX missions launched Friday: Watch them live - Solid State Lighting Design Solid State Lighting Design Rocket Lab and SpaceX are planning to launch missions on Friday (April...

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12/11 - Rocket Lab

Young entrepreneur's death sparks media backlash | RNZ RNZ “Rocket Lab had a lot of questions about the military contracts that it's engaged in and how much money the government has pumped into the space ... A privately funded probe to Venus will search for life in the sulfuric acid clouds of the planet ... Brinkwire ... and funded by California-based Rocket Lab, is scheduled to launch in 2023. The company's Electron rocket will launch a 50-pound probe onto its ... MIT researchers detail plans for private missions to search for life on Venus - Digital Trends Digital Trends The VLF mission will begin with a probe from Rocket Lab to be launched in 2023. The probe will skim for three minutes through the Venusian ... Privately-Funded...

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