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5LB of Our Legendary City Chicken - PICK UP Only

5LB of Our Legendary City Chicken - PICK UP Only

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Since the early 1920's the Bressi Family has been crafting "City Chicken" with a steady hand, lean/local meat and with "perfection" in mind.....Our City Chicken is made with pork sirloins and a bit of veal...It is five (5x) times tenderized and put on traditional skewers.....The process is both time consuming and tediouS but the quality of our product--the original product---simply can NOT be matched....Often imitated but NEVER DUPLICATE; NOT EVEN CLOSE : )

Here is one recipe for city chicken:
1 egg, beaten
Bread crumbs (seasoned if you want)
1 c. milk
Heat oven to 350 degrees. Cut pork and veal into 1" cubes. Thread on bamboo or wooden skewers, alternating chunks of pork and veal. Dip the skewers in the egg, then the bread crumbs, to coat. Saute until browned.Put skewers in a baking pan, and add milk. Cover in foil, and bake about 1 hour.


History of City Chicken - During the great depression, chicken was actually more expensive than pork. So pork and veal were substituted for and "passed off" as chicken.

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