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Basilicata Gift Basket
Basilicata Gift Basket

Basilicata Gift Basket

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Our Regional-Inspired Gift Baskets Include ALL of the Following:

- QTY 2 One (1) LB Bags of All Natural Pasta

- QTY 2 Gourmet Seasoning and/or Spice Mix

- QTY 2 Regional Candy or Sweet

- QTY 2 Candles or Regional Ornaments

- QTY Glass Bottle of High Quality Olive Oil

- QTY 1 Balsamic Vinegar

Pork is an integral part of Basilicata's cuisine, often made into sausages or roasted on a spit. Mutton and lamb are also popular. Pasta sauces are generally based on meats or vegetables. Spicy peperoncini is largely used. The bitter digestif Amaro Lucano is made here.

Basilicata is best known for its uniquely shaped pasta called Capunti. Capunti is simply made from flour and water, however the shape of the actual pasta is what makes it different from many others. This type of pasta is usually served with a hearty vegetable tomato sauce or even different types of meat sauces.