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One Personal Session (Around 1-1.5 Hours Total)

One Personal Session (Around 1-1.5 Hours Total)

$249.00 $69.85

SOS!!!!!!!!!!!! SAVE OUR STUDENTS!!!!!!!!

Sometimes students simply need a little motivation and a helping hand; especially from a new person outside of the immediate institution? Studies show that injecting a new face and a unified positive vision tends to help in a very big way.

Being motivated and focused leads to sustained academic/life success and happiness.

By  purchasing our unique offering you will receive a ONE-ON-ONE virtual session with an INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL!

  • Lifestyle Coach/Counselor
  • Motivational Coach
  • Mentor

 Our team is Well-organized and dependable with excellent leadership skills...

Our Support Team can help you over the phone---and---if you have the ability can also assist you via video (Skype) as well if you so choose it....

***We will give you two (2) or three (3) coaches to choose from based on their profiles---YOU select who you think will help you the most....

We can help you in ANY of the above mentioned areas with the TIER-1 BEST coaches possible.

FAQ: OK I purchased this; what's next?

ANSWER: Message us and tell us about the student and your goals. What do you want to achieve? Once we know that we will send you 2-3 resumes/profiles of instructors/coaches to choose from.

 FAQ: So I get to actually PICK my motivational coach myself?

ANSWER: Yes---we will send you a MINIMUM of 2-3 resumes to choose from. You pick what's best for you.

FAQ: How is it set up?

We are very flexible and easy to work with. We will give you a large variety of days/times to choose. Or---you can just tell us what day/time works best. Pick whatever is best for the student.