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Three Year Membership - U.S.A. Farmers Market Club (USA-FMC)
Three Year Membership - U.S.A. Farmers Market Club (USA-FMC)

Three Year Membership - U.S.A. Farmers Market Club (USA-FMC)

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36 month Membership! WOW............


So---who Benefits From Farmers Markets???

Well...............According to the USDA………..


Small and Medium-sized Producers.

Farmers markets are often the first point of entry into the marketplace for small and medium-sized producers. Farmers markets help small and medium-sized producers incubate their businesses, develop and test new product lines, obtain better prices for high-value product than alternative distribution channels, and obtain a reliable source of farm income.


Farmers markets allow consumers to have access to locally-produced, healthful farm-fresh food, to develop face-to-face relationships with the farmers who grow the food, and the opportunity to contribute directly to local farm viability.

The Community.

Farmers markets often serve as an integral part of creating robust local economies, thriving neighborhoods and vibrant civic design plans. They also provide easier access to fresh, healthful food in communities where access to fresh, nutritious food may be otherwise limited.

In a nutshell----EVERYONE Benefits!!!!!!!


As of National Farmers Market Week, (the first full week in August), there were 8,144 farmers markets listed in USDA’s National Farmers Market Directory...



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  • Receive our Quarterly USA-FMC Electronic Magazine (Filled with the BEST Articles and news from the week in review)....Packed with Farm & Farmers Market articles, reviews, news and more...
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    • Use your USA-FMC membership as a Resume Builder
    • Permission to display our LOGO in terms of your resume, vitae or profile
    • Manager & Vendor stories and behind the scenes information....
    • An opportunity to actually make money via friend referrals (inquire today)
    • A Portion of all proceeds goes towards sustainability efforts
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